Who is the PTA

The Loveland Elementary Parent Teacher Association (LEPTA) is a group of parents and teachers that come together to help our kids get even more out of their education. We support the education of the students in grades K-4 across 3 district schools: Loveland Early Childhood Center (LECC), Loveland Primary School (LPS), and Loveland Elementary School (LES).

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You don’t have to do anything else! Just your membership helps raise money for our kids and staff for things they need beyond the budget! Plus, you’ll be the first to know about After School Enrichment registration, events and more!

Want to Volunteer? We need you!

How we help

The LEPTA raises funds each year to give our kids more.

We support teachers to make sure they have more tools they need to go above and beyond books and worksheets and create classrooms that encourage them to learn and try new things.

We help our schools create students that are more ready for tomorrow by helping fund purchases of Chromebooks so even our Kindergarteners are ready for online tests in 3 years.

We develop our kids by opening up more ways to learn with interactive activities like Science Day and Author Visits to keep kids engaged and excited.

We make our kids time from Kindergarten through 4th grade more educational, more engaging, and more well-rounded. Because our kids deserve more.

How we raise money

Parents are busy. The LEPTA makes it as simple as possible for everyone to get involved and raise the funds our kids need to make school a great experience without having to spend more time than they would like.

We have 5 main ways to raise money. Some won’t even cost you a dime (or more than 5 minutes!)!

See how you can donate to our FUNdraising efforts.

Volunteers needed!

We love our volunteers.

Did you know that students whose parents are involved in their schools generally earn higher grades, score better on tests, adapt more easily to school, and graduate at a higher rate? What better reasons can there be to volunteer today? Throughout the school year we will plenty of opportunities to do just that and you’ll find them right here!

Volunteer & Donations Needed Now!

We also always need help keeping the PTA running. As much or as little time as you can provide always helps. Be on the lookout for emails and social posts for ways to sign up for the activities and events.

  • Membership drives
  • First week bus helpers
  • Coordination chairs
  • Board members

If you’d like to participate and give your time to make sure our kids can be supported all year, email us today.

For the Kids

  • Author Visits
  • Children’s Theater Performances
  • Field Trips
  • Kona Ice Truck
  • Roy G. Biv
  • Science Day
  • Career Day
  • Track and Field Day
  • Roller Skating Day




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