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2022-2023 LEPTA Board Members


Stacy Fossitt & Adrienne Harmeyer


Bethany Fairbanks


Kelly Proud

Assistant Treasurer

John Espy


Emily Holmes

Assistant Technology

Patrick Edmunds, Julie LaNunziata


Liz Goldschmidt & Stephanie Rosier

After School Enrichment

Megan Bowers & Heather Trusner

School Representatives

LECC VP: Monica Schatzle
LECC VP: Kelly Cocco
LPS VP: Erica Brislin
LPS VP: Emily Hazelbaker
LES VP: Tanya Ratcliff
LES VP: Kristin Scudder

Chair Positions

Hospitality: Katie Smyth, Cari Lee
Free Fundraising:  Erica Riggall

Membership & Communications: Jessica Close
School Tool Box: Katie Spjut
Pass It On:Ashley Nellis, Penny Dippold
COSI: Valerie Auckerman, Mallory Staggs
School Beautification: Seka Simmons, Verity Simmons
Recycling Coordinator: Becca Moates, Misty Whalen

Yearbook Positions

LECC Yearbook Chair: Becky Saffell, Kathryn Seibert

LPS Yearbook Chair:  Sue Glanton, Kari McKercher

LES Yearbook Co Chair: Carrie Strole, Rachael Michaels, Melissa Hester




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