Stitch and Sew Kidz

Stitch and Sew Kidz- Taught by an expert!
This small class-size- 2 week hands-on class is geared for 3rd- 4th graders that teaches them the basics of sewing. They will be creating fun, child friendly projects that teaches basic sewing stitches, cutting materials from a template, threading needles, tying knots, sewing buttons and how to correct mistakes. Kids love seeing their finished project! This class also teaches fine motor skills, spatial thinking and problem-solving skills.

Students will learn:
• Running and Back Stitch
• Whip Stitch
• How to thread a Needle and Tie a Knot
• How to Sew a 2 Holed and 4 holed button
• How to Follow a Pattern
• How to Correct Mistakes