Kidz Home Alone

Would your child know what to do if they have forgotten their house key? What if they are home alone and they are choking? Our Kidz Home Alone class will give you and your child peace of mind when home alone. As creators of this class, we thought of every home alone scenario possible, and provide solutions for all of those ‘what-if’s”. This course is designed to teach your child about being home alone safely. An informative parent guide is included in the student manual and provides an avenue for discussion between parent and child. This engaging and interactive class is fun and includes guest speakers from the local Police and Fire Departments (when available).

Students will learn:

• Answering the door and the phone
• The reasons to call 911
• First aid and safety and Self- Heimlich Maneuver
• Why it’s necessary to have house rules
• Fire escape and severe weather planning