Folk Dance and Line Dance

This will be a high energy, engaging class where we learn several different dances from around the world. We will learn anything from traditional Russian folk dances to the YMCA. This is a great way to get some quality exercise during the winter months while experiencing elements of different cultures. “Through controlled chaos, folk dance consistently brings a sense of joy and a feeling of community to its participants. In a subtle way folk dancing encourages risk taking, exercises a sense of self-confidence, and adds to the student’s social, physical, and emotional well-being.”


I have taught this for years at music summer camps and in the classroom. It is commonly something that kids are apprehensive of when they first hear about it but is almost always the favorite activity by the end. Below is a link to a video to give a basic idea of how it may work VIDEO

The only thing that would be required to have for this class is comfortable shoes and clothes to move freely in.