Challenge Island World Tour (LES)

Join us for some STEAM-tastic fun as we engineer our way around the Globe!  We’ll build the Eiffel Tower in Paris, create a bobsled for Penguins in Antarctica, design a Safari Route in Africa,  make a playground for Monkeys in India, build bridges in Australia, and develop a water pipeline in Egypt…all from the comfort and safety of the classroom!

Challenge Island uses STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) to engage children in solving real-world challenges all from the comfort of the classroom…while having A LOT OF FUN!

Our activities are project-based (each lesson involves building/creating to solve a “challenge”).  Our STEAM-TEAM peer groups encourage peer collaboration and Social Emotional Learning (SEL)!

Class cost is inclusive of all supplies/materials and instruction.

To learn more about Challenge Island please visit our website: