Challenge Island- Rainforest Island

Come join us on Challenge Island as we use STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) to explore the ecology of THE RAINFOREST while examining the plants and animals that call it their home!

During this 6 week series, students will have the opportunity to make MUD SLIME, engineer a ZIPLINE for Tree Frogs, Create a MARBLE RUN in the image of the mighty Anaconda, Engineer a RUN-AWAY-RIDE that travels through the layers of the rainforest, Design a TENT to sit in the canopy of the rainforest, make MONKEY SWINGS and MORE!

Challenge Island focuses on peer collaboration, project based learning and social emotional learning as we STEAM our way through Challenges. We’re proud to teach our students to be good thinkers AND good peer-partners.

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The instructor will be Amy Cowles.