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From After School Enrichment programs to Field Day, the LEPTA supports our kids every day of the year. No time to volunteer? No problem. Love to be involved? We’ve got you covered.
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School Supplies

School Supplies Delivered!

Avoid the stores and order online! Choose from our two partner options:

  • Schooltoolbox allows you to add or subtract items from your order.

To order, go to The kits will be shipped directly to your home.

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Every Member Matters

Are you a busy working parent with no time to spare? Membership dues are just $15 and those funds go directly to supporting our teachers and engaging our kids. You don’t have to do a thing except join. Learn More >>


Love to keep track of every event detail, LEPTA has a place for you. Want to spend a day with your child but can’t get away all the time? There’s a place for you, too! From dropping off supplies to coordinating an activity and everything in between, your time means our kids get more. Learn More >>

Top FREE ways to help!

The LEPTA is a certified non-profit and can benefit from some of the programs you use every day without costing you anything at all.

  1. Designate your Kroger Plus Rewards to LEPTA.
  2. NEW! Scan and send your Box Tops for Education.




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