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ALEXANDER Andi LECC PreSchool Outback Olive Garden Red Lobster Kohl's Target Home Goods Bath & Body Works Amazon Regal Cinemas      
BAUMANN Alexa LES Intervention Specialist Chipotle Nada Panera TJ Maxx Marshalls Target Manicure, Pedicure   Movie Theater, Movie Rental Ziplock bags, Velcro squares/stickies, Clorox wipes   Starbucks Gift cards
BEAVER Brittany LECC K Cheesecake Factory Chick-Fil-A Starbucks Lululemon Nordstrom Target Aveda Etsy, Alex & Ani Movies      
BEBOUT Jen LECC 1st Shooters Paxtons Flip Daddy's  Loft Target Dicks Pedicure   Movies Inside Recess Games   Candles, Mugs, Lotion
BROWN Lauren LPS 1st Bakersfield Cooper's Hawk The Eagle  Target Nordstrom Nike Outlet Nails/Spa Stella & Dot, Jane, Pink Lilly Movies   Starbucks! Pens/Post-Its/Office Supplies, iTunes 
CARTER Brandie LES 4th Firehouse Grill Sleepy Bee Cafe Take Home Tano Target Old Navy Macy's Manicures, Pedicures, Facials - Pure Concept Salon/Day Spa Amazon Movies, Golfing, Hiking, Health & Fitness I do enjoy soaps/hand sanitizers from Bath/Body Works :).   Mugs, Foods/Treats
CHAPMAN Tammie LECC K Paxton's The Works Kirby's Graters Mall Kohl's Massage Amazon Movies batteries AA, books,   Starbucks Gift cards
COOPER Kelly LPS 1st Chipotle Starbucks Skyline Target Old Navy Hobby Lobby Pedicures - Venetian Salon Etsy, Amazon, IKEA Movie Theater - Rave Motion Pictures Brightly colored (neon) copy paper! I love tervis mugs for my coffee!  :) Teacher knick-knacks
COUSINO Sarah LES 3rd and 4th- Speech-Language Therapist Chipotle Panera Skyline Target     Massages, Pedicures Amazon   Prize box prizes throughout the year    
CRAFT Katie LES 4th El Picante The Works, Subway LaRosa's TJ Maxx Kenwood Town Center Really any place to shop I like I haven't used Pampers in years!!  :), I really don't pamper myself so I've got nothing here! Amazon Movies      
CRAIG Jared LES 4th B'Dubs  Long Horns O'Charley's Target Old Navy Dillard's    Amazon Movies Items for treasure chest (cool prizes)    Starbucks Gift cards
CRAIG Susan LPS Innovative Instructional Coach Sotto Tano Tony's Target Old Navy Kroger Manicure, Pedicure Amazon Movies      
CUSTENBORDER Courtney LECC 1st Outback Skyline Subway Nordstrom Target   Gift certificates for food/shopping. Amazon Movies, Books Books   Starbucks Gift cards
DARLENE Carney LPS Special Ed  The Pub in Rookwood Julian's or Paxton's Blue Ash Chili Kohl's Target Ten Thousand Villages Trendz Salon in Blue Ash, Essence Nail Salon in Kenwood. Amazon, World Market, Ten Thousand Villages Regal Cinemas Clorox wipes, tissues, dry erase markers, glue sticks, Crayola markers, hand sanitizer. Thumb drives Cookbooks
ELDRED Rebecca LECC K Starbucks Panera Kroger Target Hobby Lobby Anthropologie Manicures, Pedicures, Massages Etsy Movie Theaters
Kenwood Mall
A kids toy/shelf organizer with storage bins... Many on Amazon! I love craft stores for my personal as well as classroom projects such as Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc.! Thank you so much!!  
EMERICK Mollie LES 4th Texas Roadhouse BW's Subway Target Old Navy Kohl's   Teachers Pay Teachers, Amazon Movies, Books (LOVE 1/2 Price Books!) Stuff for treasure chest-nonedible, Games for indoor recess   Graeter's gift cards (ice cream in general)
FOLTZ Jessica LPS 2nd Dewey's Pizza Panera   Target Michaels     Amazon   Books    
FORD Beth LECC K Shooters Red Robin Kirby's Target Kohl's TJ Maxx Frizzy Melon, Pedicures at most Salons Amazon Movie Theater - Rave Milford Activities (items) which reinforce phonemic awareness (letter names, sounds) and basic number concept skills (identification, counting)   Mugs, Ornaments
FORREN Jennifer LES Principal Chipotle Piada Skyline Target Kohl's Rose & Remington   Amazon Movies      
FREEMAN Krista LPS 1st The Works Skyline McDonald's (Diet Cokes!!) Target Kohl's Kroger Pedicures Amazon Movies, Hanging out with family and friends around the fire pit. Reds games! Stickers, Sharpies, books! My family is HUGE University of Kentucky fans!  Go Wildcats!  Love UK things:) Candles, Lotions, Mugs
FREES Mary LES Special Education Chipotle The Works   JC Penney Famous Footwear   Manicure, Pedicure   Comedy Clubs Sanitizer and wipes    
GARDIS Dede LPS 2nd Chipotle Panera City BBQ Book Stores Target Starbucks   Amazon, Scholastic Book Club Reading Books Books!   
GEIGER Sandy LES 3rd Starbucks Chipotle Panera Kohl's Marshall's/TJ Maxx Bath and Body Works Bath and Body Works for me....., I love to get a cup of hot, Black Coffee and read a book! Teacher's Pay Teacher's---Would love a gift card to purchase some fun activities for the classroom! Movies, Reading a good fiction book Room freshener wall plug-ins....I love the ones from Bath and Body or Glade Oil, Classroom Games (Connect Four or Checkers), Sidewalk love to use at recess! Coffee, chocolate (Peanut M&M's) and Chips/salsa make me happy!  I also like homemade baked goods....of any kind! Candles
HANSON Jill LPS 1st Grade Reading Chipotle Chick-Fil-A Starbucks Nordstrom Target Bath and Body Works Manicure, Pedicure Athleta! Movies with my family Flair Pens, Scented Markers, Dry Erase Markers   Mugs, Stickers
HENN Michele LES 3 and 4 music O'Charley's Zab   Kohl's     Scentsy wax, Febreze, Smell Goods Amazon   Ukuleles!!   Things to do!!  Is there an assistant in your magic bag?!?!  Hahaha....
HICKEY Paula LPS 2nd Carrabas Chili's Skyline Target Barnes & Noble Ann Taylor Loft Ice Cream, Starbucks, Reading iTunes, Amazon Movies, Books Books, trinkets for behavior store,     
HILTON Jen LPS 2nd Cheesecake Factory Starbucks Graeter's Target Macy's T J Maxx Manicure, Pedicure Amazon Movies, Dining Out, Shopping Dumdum Lollipops   Candles, Ornaments, Trinket type things
HOBSON Brooke LPS 2nd Panera Chipotle Cooper's Hawk Amazon Loft Rose & Remington Salon 426 Amazon Regal Cinemas, Redbox Picture books, chapter books, technology items    
HUXHOLD Carol LES SPED Julian's The Works Tano Dillard's Macy's United Art & Education Pedicure, Massage Amazon AMC Movies, Playhouse in the Park Prize box items, Chapter books written at a Kindergarten or 1st grade reading level but 3rd grade interest level   Candles
JOHNSON Connie LPS Reading Intervention Shooters El Picante The Works JC Penney Charming Charlies Hobby Lobby   ModCloth Movies, Concerts Treasure Box items   Starbucks Gift cards
JOHNSTONE Laura LES 3rd Panera Bravo IHOP Clothes Mentor Kohl's JC Penney I love taking a Pilates class from Amy Bishop!!!!!!!!  She has been my instructor for over 7 yrs.  She is in business for herself, so I pay her with a check made out to her.  This is my absolute favorite thing!         Lunch Bags, Tervis Cups
JONAS Kirby LES 3rd Cheesecake Factory Chipotle Bravo Target Old Navy TJ Maxx Message, Starbucks, Pedicure, Manicure. I love stationary! Kroger  Movies, I love to try new places/activities/things, YOGA!  Electric Pencil Sharpener, Ipad/Chromebooks, CD player, Lamps Stationary, good pens, sharpie thin markers! Elephants
KAISER Kari LES 4th Benihana Aladdins Chili's Macy's Target Evereve Loveland Sweet Shoppe, Graeter's Ice Cream, Starbucks, Chocolate (but I only like certain kinds. Yes, I'm picky.) : ), Bath and Body Works Teachers Pay Teachers Movie Theater, Dining Out, Spending time with my children I just love buying new things from Teachers Pay Teachers If someone would ever want to make a donation to Alley Cat Allies for me, that would be nice too! Mugs, Candles (I'm just pretty particular with my scents.), Lotions (Once again, I'm pretty particular with my scents.), Ornaments
KENNY Jennifer LPS 2nd Texas Roadhouse Chipotle Red Robin Target TJ Maxx Gabe's Movie Theater, Dining Out Amazon Movie Theater, Redbox Easy games for indoor recess I love coffee from Dunkin Donuts. I drink hot coffee black and iced coffee with cream & sugar. :-) Knick Knacks
KNISKERN Trisha LES K-4 Dewey's Pizza Asian Paradise   Target Kohl's   Chocolate, Lotion, Vitamin Water glow - favorite drink, Diet Dr. Pepper Amazon Movies  Wipes   Mugs
KNUEVEN Karen LECC K & 1st grade Music Chipoltle Subway Frisch's Meijer Walmart   Bath & Body Works Soaps I-Tunes Concerts at Music Hall      
KOEHLER Scott LPS 2nd Long Horn Chipotle Jett's Pizza Target Half-Priced Books   Starbucks Amazon        
LAURENT Melanie LECC 1st Dewey's Pizza Panera Orange Leaf Loft Target Old Navy Pedicures, Abby Girl Sweets cupcakes! Amazon, Zappos Movies Gift certificates to to purchase new activities   Candles, Teacher Decorations, Lotions
LITTLE Megan LPS 2nd Panera The Works Skyline Target Meijer     Amazon Movies with my family, Dave and Buster's with my family Books, recess games, supplies for our memory binders and classroom    
MANGANO Summer LES 3rd Original Pancake House Panera McAlister's TJ Maxx Target Kohl's   Barnes and Noble, Amazon I love to go to the Movies! Books, Treasure box items    
MAYER Danielle LPS Reading Interventions Kirby's     Target     Coffee Amazon Loveland Canoe Rental :) Books    
MCCLARY Kayla LPS Art Cheesecake Factory Starbucks Starbucks Target Starbucks Starbucks Starbucks Gift Card, Bath and Body Works Eucalyptus Spearmint Anything Amazon Movie Theater big container bins ( 25 gal?)  Love Resee's candy Soaps, Lotions
MCDONALD Kelly LES 3rd Rusty Bucket El Picante Skyline       Mitchell's Salon and Day Spa Amazon Movie Theater Books   Mugs, Body Wash, Candles
MCGILLIS Jessi LECC K Bravo Chipotle McDonalds Target Mall Hobby Lobby Pedicure, Movies Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Cards, stickers - alphabet, apples, holidays, farm, bugs, animals, etc., fun gel pens and glitter pens    
MESTANCIK Sandra LES ART Bravo Dunkin Donuts McDonalds  Fresh Tyme Kroger Hobby Lobby Chocolate, Starbucks Amazon Movies, Art museum, Zoo Art Aprons   Mugs
MEYER Jamie LPS 2nd Paxton's The Works Red Robin Target Barnes & Noble Home Depot Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts Amazon Regal Cinemas Books from my class library wish list.    Mugs
MILLER Jen LPS 1st Chipolte Skyline McAlister's Target Kohl's   Massages - Tuscany Salon at Harper's Point, Reading     Inside Recess Games   Bath and Body Products
MURPHY Ryan  LPS All - Physical Therapist Starbucks Chipotle Panera Target       Amazon        
MUTHIG Joyce LPS intervention specialist 1 and 2 Tano's El Picante LaRosa's Kohl's Kroger Meijer Christopher George Salon, C.T. Nails Amazon Movies, American Legacy Tours Markers, Books, Glue Sticks, Clorox wipes, Tissues   Mugs, Candles
O'DOWD  Molly LES 4th The Wildflower Cafe  Bravo  Flip Daddy's  Target  IKEA Kroger  Pedicures  Amazon Movies  Pencils, eraser caps, crayons, markers, coloring pencils.    I find a use for everything :) 
OSBORN Kaitlin (Katy) LPS Speech Therapist Chick-Fil-A Panera McDonalds Target Target Target Chocolate, Unsweetened Ice Tea!, Cupcakes Amazon Movies, iTunes     Candles, Lotions, Notecards
PARNIN Emily LECC Reading Intervention - K ALL!!!     Meijer Kroger Target Manicure, Pedicures, Massages, Aromatherapy Amazon Movies, Books Electric Pencil Sharpener, Scented Markers, Fun Stickers/ incentives   Mugs
PAULEY  Jordan  LES 4th El Coyote Bakersfield in OTR LaRosa's J. Crew Ann Taylor  GAP Ambiance Salon, Parlor Hair Salon Amazon Movies Mini Dry Erase Boards, Medium Size Easel, Post It/Dry Erase TriFold    
PLANEAUX Kristen LPS Music Panera Smashburger First Watch Lush Cosmetics Target Macy's Graeter's! ModCloth Cinemark Movie Theater     Candles, Mugs, Pens, Markers
PRENGER Melissa LES 3rd Silver Spring House Anything Italian Anything Mexican Any mall Marshall's/TJ Maxx Target Manicures, Pedicures, Date Nights, Fun Adventures with my family, Candle and a Good Book Amazon, Stitch Fix Movies, Dining Out, Shopping Puzzles, Games for indoor recess, Books, Legos/Knex/Building Tools I don't drink coffee, I love any kind of fun jewelry/scarves Mugs
PRICE Andrew LES 4th Montgomery Inn Dewey's Pizza Skyline Target Dick's Sporting Goods Kroger   Amazon or I-Tunes Movies Board/Card Games for classroom during inside recess    
REISS Amy LPS 1-4 ESL Sotto Sleepy Bee Cafe Balance Cafe and Smoothies Athleta Kohl's Target Pedicure, Manicure, Saxby's Coffee, Dark Chocolate!  J. Crew, Amazon, Ann Taylor Loft Movies Michael's or books gift cards, iTunes gift cards for classroom apps for the iPad   Candles, Lotions
RITZ Jessica LECC K LaRosa's Nada Olive Garden Target Limited   Shopping     Hand soap, paper towels, Clorox wipes, Ziploc bags    
ROBERTSON Sarah LES 4th PF Chang's  Olive Garden Applebee's Target  Kohl's Home Depot Pickles, Manicure, Pedicure, Massage, Starbucks Eddie Bauer  Movies, iTunes Just smiling kids! :)  beach towels, anything practical that you like and use!  Coffee Mugs, things that are just decorative :) 
ROCKETT  Molly LES 3rd Silver Spring House Outback The Works Target Macy's Kohl's Pedicures, Massages Amazon Movie Theater ink pads, stamps, indoor recess games, colorful felt tip markets, books from book fair stationary, bath salts, Tervis cups, to go coffee mugs,  Starbucks Gift cards
ROCKHOLD Amanda LECC 1st El Picante Starbucks Subway Kohl's Target New York & Company Pedicures Amazon Movie Theater, Red's games Heavy-duty 3-hole punch, Gift cards for United Arts & Education (   Candles, Soap Gift Sets, Books
RODRIGUEZ Kevin LES 4th LaRosa's Chick-Fil-A Take Home Tano Amazon       Amazon iTunes Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Cards   Tervis Tumblers, Starbuck Gift cards
RUEHRWEIN Tammy LPS 2nd Texas Roadhouse ButterBees Chick-Fil-A Macy's Target   Pedicures, Reading Personal Growth Books Amazon Family Time      
RUSH Shari LECC K Shooters Paxtons The Works Talbots Kenwood Town Center Target Pedicure Teacher's Pay Teachers, Amazon Movies Books, headsets, stickers, treasure box toys   Starbucks Gift cards, Mugs, Lotions
SCHLESSELMAN Patsy LPS 2nd Stone Creek Sotto Outback TJ Maxx Target Nordstrom Bath & Body Works Oil Scrubs Amazon Movie Theater      
SCHMIDT Lisa LECC K Dewey's Pizza Red Robin Trailside Cafe Kenwood Towne Centre Target IKEA Manicure - Pink Salon Etsy, Teachers Pay Teachers iTunes (so we can rent Movies on Apple TV), We go to Movies in Deerfield and Kenwood, anything with Ohio University LEGO bricks, I want to use LEGO bricks in more teaching activities but I'll need a lot more.   Mugs
STEELE Becky LES 3rd Bravo Chipotle Dewey's Pizza Kenwood Towne Centre Target Kohl's Messages, Manicure, Pedicures,  iTunes, Amazon Movies, anything downtown Loveland or Cincinnati Chromebook, math picture books, fun markers for grading, calculators Love greeter's or yagoot Lotions and Mugs
STRATER Kari LES 3rd Cheesecake Factory Chipotle Any Sushi Place! :) Target Kohl's Marshalls  Massage Amazon Movie Theater Timers, baggies, clipboards, dry erase boards and dry erasers. I love skinny pumpkin spice lattes and peppermint mochas! I love owls, dark chocolate and going out to dinner! Starbucks Gift cards, my sister works there so I get free drinks! 
STROUP Jennifer LES 3rd Carrabba's Italian Grill Cheesecake Factory Panera Target Kohl's Charming Charlies Spa/Massages, Origami Owl Amazon   Barnes and Noble gift cards for science and math picture books   Body Lotions
STUBENRAUCH Traci LPS 1st Chipotle Dewey's Pizza Panera Target Loft IKEA Starbucks, Venetian Nail Salon, Orange Leaf, Mitchell's Salon Amazon Concerts (Ticketmaster), iTunes Velcro Dots, P-Touch Label maker Refills, White Velcro Tape, Disinfectant Wipes, Tiger Ticket Prizes   Coffee Mugs, Travel Tumblers, Candles
TOBIAS Mary LPS Media Center LaRosa's Jersey Mike's Applebee's Hobby Lobby Target Joann Fabric   Amazon Movie Theater Foam paper, 1 inch pom poms - Hobby Lobby is best, 7mms wiggle eyes,     
TOMICHEK Nicole LES 4th Cheesecake Factory Panera Chipotle Target Michael's or Joann's Macy's Massages. I will go practically anywhere to get a massage. Teachers Pay Teachers, The Pink Lily Boutique, Lime Lush Boutique AMC Loews Movie Theaters, Cincinnati Bengals, Cincinnati Reds New large carpet for the front of my room for carpet time, More books for the classroom library (everything from children's picture books to novels)   Coffee Mugs, Travel Mugs, Body Wash, Lotion
WEBER Elizabeth LES 3rd El Picante Chipotle   Amazon Target Loft     Rave and Regal Cinemas Amazon gift cards, books, colored sticky notes (other than yellow)   Starbucks Gift cards, Tumblers
WEBER Heidi LES 3rd and 4th BW's Texas Roadhouse Butterbees       Teavana Amazon Enjoy doing things with friends and family Donors Choose gift cards help us fund technology for our classroom!   Candles Ornaments
WELDER Sue LPS 1st Outback LaRosa's 5 Guys Kohl's JC Penney   Relaxing and Reading a Book; Watching a good Movie on TV amazon Movie Theater nothing at the moment I enjoy sewing and crafting ?
WISE Christine LPS 1st Starbucks  Chipotle Panera Target Gap/Old Navy J. CREW Manicure, Pedicure, Magazine, Baths Etsy or Amazon Movies Colorful Sharpies, Dominoes, New Books I love sweet treats, fruity candy, and cupcakes! :) But Starbucks is probably my favorite thing!  Tumblers, Mugs
WNOROSKI Allison LPS School Psychologist Boca Panera The Works Ann Taylor Loft Target Barnes & Noble  Manicure, Pedicure, Message Amazon, Loft Movies, Books Small Gifts/Items for Prize Box   Candles, Lotions